An Inspiration for Coaches

Recently I have had the privilege of meeting and learning a little about someone who has overcome incredible challenges and absolutely exudes positivity. The first time we spoke, I was unaware of the challenges, and simply noted the happiness and positivity. Wow, what a great motivator and coach! Actually, he had never heard of coaching until I asked his opinion.

The next time we had the opportunity to talk, I learned more about his life and the challenges he has overcome. Clearly the wow thinking was an understatement. I asked what worked for him to move past so much, and he shared that he chose to let go of the anger. He found that hanging on to the past dragged him down, and now he chooses to focus forward.

As coaches, our work is about empowering others to focus forward. Coaches have the privilege of serving as a strategic partner to create the power of proactive, forward thinking. A favorite part of the work for me is when a client reaches that next goal and achieves the balance they choose.

An additional benefit is meeting people that understand the power of the forward thinking and hearing their stories with a different kind of insight because of our own training.

Who has inspired you?

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