Executive Coaching Client moves from Challenge to Results

A coaching client was responsible for overseeing a specific project. One of the manager’s on the project simply was not interested in completing their work. This coaching client was at a loss as to how to make it happen because without direct authority over the manager, it became a power struggle.

In a coaching session, we explored the situation. Questions included:

* How does this manager view the working relationship?
* What are the long term benefits of a good working relationship?
* How are you able to help this manager in their job or career?
* What benefit is there for this manager to complete the work?
* What approach have you taken in the past?
* What approach will you take now?

Through answering these questions, the coaching client felt they had a better understanding of what was happening and created a plan of action to move forward. Specifically, the coaching client decided on these action steps:

1. Schedule time for a social lunch with the manager.
2. Ask the manager what they wanted in their career and discuss ways to help.
3. At the next project meeting, ask each team member to list the benefits of completing the project successfully.
4. Ask the team to list remaining action items and create a timeline.

As a result of the plan the coaching client created, they successfully rebuilt their relationship with the manager and saw results.

What do you think are the keys to their success?

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