Coaching or Mentoring – Part 6

What resources are helpful for internal coaches and mentors?

After implementing a mentoring or coaching program, the momentum and motivation are easily maintained with continued support and communication. With the buy-in created at all levels, as discussed in an earlier blog from this series, create opportunities for communicating positive results. Some organizations do this through an internal blog or bulletin board, some use a newsletter, and others add coaching or mentoring updates to the agenda in meetings.

Support for a coaching or mentoring program is demonstrated by ensuring necessary and helpful resources are available. Resources often include:

* Time – either pre-determined or flexible

Let participants know that coaching or mentoring is part of their work day.

* Space – small meeting rooms or even break rooms

Post which rooms are available, and when they are available, for coaching or mentoring sessions.

* Information – recommended books library

Provide a library of books that mentors or coaches want to recommend.

* Skill Development tools – coaching and mentoring processes indentify skills to develop

Provide access to training classes, online training, or even recorded training programs.

* Encouragement and Recognition – when individuals being coached or mentored achieve results

Celebrate the successes of participants in the way they prefer.

Coaching and mentoring programs create the opportunity to positively engage everyone in an organization. This supports individuals and companies to grow and succeed.

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