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What can a career coach offer me?

A career coach provides a specific process for you to explore your interests, skills, possibilities, and opportunities. A career coach then works with you to identify challenges and to create your strategies.

What can a career coach offer me?

What can a career coach offer me?

How is that different?

  • A career counselor works with pre-determined tools and processes to figure out what you should do and how you should do it. They give you advice.
  • A career advisor or consultant analyses your skills and the job market, then gives you a plan to use.
  • A trainer teaches specific skills for work you will do in the future.
  • A career coach recognizes you know yourself best and you are your own best expert. If appropriate for you, a career coach may incorporate the use of one or more assessments; which assessment(s) are determined by what serves you best.  A career coach may explore what training or consulting will serve you and may schedule that separately themselves or with other professionals.  Most significantly, a career coach empowers you to discover your own answers and choose your own course of action.

A real career coach has completed coach training. Before engaging a career coach, ask them if they are a member of the International Coach Federation because that will tell you they have completed coaching certification and are qualified to coach.

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