Transitioning as a New Executive

Nic Kelpe

by Nic Kelpe Nic Kelpe

Congratulations!  Your company promoted you to an executive position.  Now what?  In my chapter “Transitioning as a New Executive” I share thoughts and ideas to make your transition more manageable.  Equipped with these techniques, you generate a broader impact on the organization as you climb to the next level.

In this brief read, you will see leading practices that will help you form strategies best suited for your development as a new leader.  I cover ten essential areas, culminating in a framework to keep you centered and focused as you step into your new role.

Together, we examine how becoming a corporate executive requires you to set aside the technical, project delivery, or implementation skills that got you promoted in the first place. When moving from manager to executive, your corporation seeks new skills from you as a leader.  The focus is on running a profitable business rather than technical expertise.

You will learn how to hit the ground running and rely on a transition plan to meet objectives over the next 90 days.  We also look at how trust opens doors, leads to new opportunities, and stops your wheels from spinning.  Build trust by doing what you say you are going to do.  If you commit to something, deliver it and do it right.

Plus, I share on transition topics from executive presence – how your behavior impacts the image others have of you – to dreaded corporate politics – how they remain a chess game where you rely on others’ leadership and protection to move forward and win.

Throughout my chapter, I encourage you to think differently, look way outside of your comfort zone, and learn how others solve problems.  Join me in this easy read as we look at new techniques to make your executive transition the best it can be.

You’ll be able to read my chapter, “Transitioning as a New Executive ” in the Coaching Perspectives X book.


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