Procrastination: a Challenge for Coaches – Part 2of 3

What happens when you procrastinate building your coaching business? Are you a coach that would benefit from coaching on procrastination?

Consider the coaching process – the questions that coaches use, in the order used, for impact. A coach asks a client about what they want, what it means to achieve the goals, what the barriers are, how to overcome barriers, what resources it takes, and what the specific action steps are to coaching businessachieve the goal.

As a coach, if you are procrastinating building your own business, work through these questions.

For example, consider what you do want for your coaching business. How many clients do you want to work with weekly or monthly? How many hours do you want to work? What do you want to earn? What other types of work do you want to do as part of your coaching business?

Think about your life after you do build your coaching business. What do you see, hear, and feel? What does it mean to you? How does your work affect other areas of your life?

List the barriers to building your coaching business. When one of the barriers is procrastination, list the reasons you procrastinate as barriers. Once you have identified the barriers, list how you will move past each.

Identify the resources you have and the resources you want to build your coaching business. Note how you utilize resources you have and decide how you will obtain resources you want for your work as a coach.

Using your calendar, plan specific action steps. Note what exactly you are doing when to move towards your goal. Do you have a coach that serves as your accountability partner? Do you belong to a coaches group for accountability? What works for you to ensure follow through?

Reflect on the value of achieving the goal. Focus on what it means to you to build your coaching business.

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