How Coaches Phrase Questions – 1 of 3

Does it really matter how the question is asked?

Consider for yourself how the same question asked two different ways makes a difference. Think about your answer to this question: What do you want? Consider where your mind goes initially, then give it more time and consider what additional thoughts occur. After a few minutes of thinking, change the phrasing of the question: What do you want in your relationships? Now the question directs you where to focus. The same occurs if instead of relationships you are asked what you want in your life or even what you want in your career. The first question is truly open, whereas the subsequent examples are questions that direct. When a coach directs the client, the coach chooses the focus. Well-trained coaches know how to phrase the questions so that the client chooses the focus.

Closed-ended questions stop exploration. Sometimes closed-ended questions are leading questions. The role of the coach is to empower client exploration and client choice. Well-trained coaches are aware of the difference and of the impact.

Yes, it does really matter how the question is asked. Whether a client is consciously aware of the difference or not, a professional coach recognizes the impact. Coaches are trained on types of questions and how to formulate effective questions.

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