Coaching Presence

word choice matters

The coaching competency of presence sounds simple because of course the coach is present. Presence goes much deeper than physically being there — it includes being there mentally and completely. This requires intention, focus, energy and skill. It calls for the coach to practice and consistently work on this skill.

Coaching PresenceWhen a coach is present to their client, they are aware of how the client is thinking, processing, and functioning. A coach that is present is also aware of how to flex their pace and language to the individual client. With this presence the coach truly hears and understands the client and thus effectively asks powerful questions.

When a coach is truly present, they are completely comfortable not knowing where the conversation is going or what the outcome will be. Being present requires the ability to be flexible in the moment. Being present means that instead of thinking about how to interact or what to ask, the coach engages naturally and the powerful questions flow.

Truly being present is a practiced skill. The application of this skill in coaching requires intention, patience, and ongoing development of the skill. The impact is that the client is fully supported and the coaching is completely open and flexible to what works for the client.

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