Great Leaders Give

Great Leaders Give

by Jacqueline Brodnitzki

The fourth way great leaders stand out is they give without expecting to receive in return.

There are many ways in which leaders can help a colleague or a client. When done without expectation of return, or even a thanks, it’s viewed selflessly and with heart. The person receiving the help feels cared for and cared about.

Great Leaders GiveIt may be a simple act of helping someone carry a box or helping with a project. Perhaps bringing in breakfast or lunch for a team that’s been working hard. Maybe taking someone out to lunch who is going through a tough time, or delivering/sending a homemade meal to a colleague’s home.

A big way to make a difference is to notice the charity they support and offer to make a contribution or to help out. This builds a more personal connection and gives you insight into the person’s passion.

One talented leader told me: “If it is important to someone on my team, it should be important to me.”

Let’s notice the opportunities to help and connect that arise this week and take action by offering a helping hand.

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