Find Coaching Clients through Referrals

When you are looking to expand your coaching practice and increase your client base, focus on the client. Consider how they might find or choose a coach. Recognizing how people find an executive or life coach empowers you to plan opportunities. In this 6-part blog series, explore different approaches and action steps to expand your coaching practice.

Start with the number one way people find a coach: referrals.

Because coaching involves focused, intense, and personal discussions it is important to a coaching client that they feel comfortable with their coach. Often potential clients ask people they know to recommend someone. In some situations, a coach might be referred even when that person was not thinking about finding a coach. Referrals come from your contacts, your clients, and people that know you through networking, presentations, or workshops.

Action Steps to Increase Referrals:

1. Ask for referrals

Sounds simple right? It is! The key is simply doing it; let people know you want referrals.

2. Let your contacts know about your coaching services

Develop a database of your contacts. Decide whether to email, call, or write each person on your list. Consider your message: how what you offer is a benefit.

3. Do a great job coaching so your clients want to refer you to others

As your clients experience success and realize how coaching benefits them, they are increasingly open to referring others.
What do you think of offering a referral fee?

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