Developing a Coaching Client Base

linked inOne of the biggest challenges when building a coaching practice is developing a client base.  At the Center for Coaching Certification we offer a number of resources and tools to support this process including our free webinar on Marketing Yourself as a Coach, Boot Camp for Coaches, and the online marketing dashboard, so the information in this blog series is a review of some of the effective ideas.

As a coach, having a website and an online presence is essential for demonstrating professionalism, creating an opportunity for prospective clients to learn about you, and simply to get found.  One of the top places for an online presence is on LinkedIn.  The facts about LinkedIn use are amazing and a good presence within this professional network will reap rewards.

A few basics:

  • Use a picture – it is interesting that some people don’t use a picture – when people are looking for a coach or connecting with you online, they want and expect to see your picture.
  • Complete your profile – when your profile is only partial it says something about you – take the time to finish all of it.
  • Connect with people – if you only have a few connections people that do not know you are more hesitant to connect so find the people you know and build your contacts.
  • Join and participate in discussion groups – join groups that are for coaches such as the Center for Coaching Certification group and join groups where your prospective clients join, then participate in discussions.

LinkedIn is one place people find a coach, it is a place recruiters look, and it is an excellent online networking opportunity.

How can you maximize the benefits of LinkedIn?

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