Coaches, Here it is… How to Write a Mission Statement

How do I write a Mission or Vision statement?

1. Make a list of words that have meaning or significance as to what you do – 12 to sixty words.
2. Sort the words into groups based on meaning – use a highlighter or colored pens and create groups by color.

3. Read the words in a group, the write a phrase that tells what you mean using some of the words not all. Write one phrase for each group of words.

4. Underline two key words in each phrase.

5. Combine the phrases: start with two of the phrases that are similar and combine them into one phrase, then continue with two more.

6. When you are down to one or two phrases, create one sentence, twelve words or less. This is now your mission statement!

For a vision statement, use the same process only the words in step one are words that have meaning as to what you want to have happen as a result of the work you do now.

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