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Choosing a Coach Part 2

In the previous blog post you considered whether a coach is the right professional for you and began considering the type of coach that makes sense. Moving deeper in the broad categories of life, business, and executive coaching, consider your priorities. Coaches often define niche areas of experience and expertise.

For example, a life coach may further specialize in relationships, writing, speaking, ADHD, recovery, education, or life purpose. A business coach may offer expertise in start-ups, marketing, finance, employment, management, or operations. An executive coach may offer niche areas of career coaching, skill development, time management, decision making, productivity, team coaching, or serving as a sounding board.

When you know what you want, finding a coach becomes easier because you simply research coaches whose specialties are a good fit. Ask people you know who they recommend as a coach. Searching online is easy with focused search words for the type of coaching. Many services match you with several choices based on your request.


Interview several coaches before choosing and hiring one as your coach. When you interview them, you have the opportunity to learn more about their professional background and process to further ensure a good fit. In the next blog learn what to learn about a prospective coach.

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