Choose and Hold Boundaries

Choose and Hold Boundaries

Clients are experiencing new stressors when working from home.  A recent client was struggling with separating work time from family time.  After they finished their work for the day, they continued getting phone calls from someone wanting something.  It was easy to step back over to their computer and take care of it.  Within a few months they were working 12 hours a day.  What are the boundaries?  What is the workday schedule? Choose and Hold Boundaries

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is a common challenge.  When there is a call or email with a last-minute request, what are the options?  If it is after work hours, is carrying the phone or checking email a requirement?  What happens if working all evening is unrealistic?

Imagine exploring this with a client.  Consider these questions:

  • How can you set boundaries for yourself?
  • When is it time for you to focus on work?
  • When is your time?
  • What are your options for managing when people can contact you?
  • What are your options for deferring after-hours requests?

Coaching is an amazing opportunity for clients to consider what boundaries they want in place, how to set them, and how to maintain.

Similarly, many coaches are deciding their own boundaries.  Reflect on what work hours make sense and how you will manage your schedule, so you have balance.


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