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Procrastination: a Challenge for Coaches – Part 1of 3

Have you ever procrastinated? There are some projects I am able to easily put off indefinitely! Now that we are well into our first month of the new year, consider whether you or your coaching clients are ‘procrastinating’ on those resolutions… Certainly some procrastination is normal. The question then becomes, ‘how much procrastination is ok?’ The answer is different for each person and for each level of importance or value of a task.

Whether you procrastinate in building your coaching business, writing a book, or coach a client that procrastinates, begin with understanding procrastination.

What is behind procrastination? The reasons may vary as much as the tasks that remain undone. Consider a few of typical excuses or reasons:


* Fear: Fear of Failure or Fear of Success
* Dislike for Task
* Prefer to “Work Under Pressure”
* Perfectionism
* Sad or depressed
* Distracted

Now consider that to change a habit takes time and during that time it is important to have consistent reminders or focus and to actually do things the new way. Coaches recognize that sometimes changing a habit like procrastination is motivated by the current pain from the problem is so bad it is worth going through the pain of change. Of course as a coach, the focus is on what people want the value of achieving a new goal or change, then planning the process intentionally.

The next blog post is dedicated to coaches that are procrastinating, and on Friday the post is dedicated to coaching clients that are procrastinating.

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