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Life Coach versus Executive Coach 2 of 3

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In beginning a coaching relationship, an individual hiring a Life Coach asks the coach generally about their process, might ask about the coach’s training or experience though often not, and is ideally provided a written agreement and access to the coach’s Code of Ethics.

Hiring an Executive Coach often includes additional steps of detailing the Return on Investment (ROI) and the parameters of reporting client information to the business.

The model for the coaching process at the Center for Coaching Certification is illustrated by a staircase to a door through which your client wants to pass to achieve success.

* CCC Staircase Coaching ModelSuccess, and a staircase, are built on a foundation

– Training

– Competency

– Ethics

* Success is a process, or a series of steps

– Agreement

– Understanding

– Rapport

– Communications

– Exploration

– Strategy

In both Life and Executive Coaching this process is applicable.

During a coaching session, the coach asks the client questions. The coach listens, clarifies, and explores further with the client. The coach provides perspective as appropriate. The coach empowers the client to determine their goals, prioritize, consider barriers and how to overcome each, develop an action plan, create a habit of accountability, and celebrate success.

Perhaps the simplest way to differentiate between Life and Executive Coaching is to recognize the desired focus of the client.

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