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Lead Yourself and Influence Others through Leaderfluence

Leaderfluence by Mike Kelly

Lead Yourself and Influence Others through Leaderfluence

by Mike Kelly, Kelly Financial Planning, Right Path Enterprises

Leaderfluence by Mike KellyLeaderfluence, by certified coach Mike Kelly, can help you define success, clarify priorities, set/act on meaningful goals and build the future you want.

Mike Kelly realized that what was often lacking in his career path was sound leadership advice–not on how to lead others, but how to “lead himself.” His book, Leaderfluence: Secrets of Leadership Essential to Effectively Leading Yourself and Positively Influencing Others supports, challenges, and encourages leaders to lead themselves into good habits of self-discipline, time management, self-awareness and more.

Written for anyone who desires to become an influential leader, Leaderfluence provides practical guidance on:

  • Defining Success
  • Clarifying Essential Life Priorities
  • Setting and Acting on Meaningful Goals
  • Building Better Habits for the Future You Want

This book will help you focus on the areas of your life that affect your leadership ability, and enable you to grow into the kind of compelling leader others want to follow.

As a coach, speaker, consultant, financial planner, author and entrepreneur, Kelly has learned, “when we as people are whole, it is much easier to lead others.”

Develop Transformative Habits

Kelly has a passion for helping business leaders and wrote Leaderfluence to share productive habits that have worked for him. Discovering his purpose, clarifying his goals, and living on-mission have made all the difference in his health, relationships and career, and can transform your life as well.

“…Mike Kelly illustrates in a positive way how you as an individual can become the person–and the only person–who can learn to “lead yourself.”

–Floyd Lancia, Rotary International Director, Zones 30 and 31, 2019-2921

Mike Kelly is a certified coach and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM with Kelly Financial Planning. He co-owns Right Path Enterprises with his wife, Melinda. Kelly previously served in executive and senior leadership positions with Michelin and Macy’s. Connect with him at www.rightpathenterprises.com or www.kellyfinancialplanning.com. Order Leaderfluence here: https://rightpathenterprises.com/leaderfluence-2/.

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