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Coaching Questions: Types and Tips – Part 3 of 5

Now that the posts on types of questions got us started, consider tips for formulating questions during a coaching session.

* Short and Simple:
Have you ever heard the acronym KISS? Here is the version for coaches: Keep It Short and Simple. It is fascinating that in our efforts to facilitate the process for clients, coaches often provide lots of explanation around the question. The more explanation, the more the question becomes leading or includes interpreting. Sometimes coaches state that it feels uncomfortable to ask a short, simple question and remain quiet. Uncomfortable for you as the coach? How is it working for the client? Much better! For example, “What do you want in your life or career?” directs a client. “What do you want?” allows the client to prioritize their own goals.

* Forward Focus:

When people talk, the natural flow of the conversation is to discuss the problem and focus on what happened. Many times in formulating goals, clients express things in terms of what they do not want rather than what they do want. How much is accomplished by focusing on the past, the problems, and what you don’t want? As a coach, when a client gives you a goal or a thought that is negative or problem focused, ask what they do want. For example, if a client does not want to be stressed, ask “If you are not stressed, what are you?” or even better, “What will you feel then?”

How do these tips add value to your questioning technique as a coach?

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