Coaching on Nutrition – Part 2 of 3

by Guest Blogger Annemarie

The blog post on Monday mentioned an article of interest on nutritional supplements. What basic insight helps you as a coach when you ask questions? Read on for more information.
In vitamin samples tested, Cooperman looked at how quickly the vitamin tablets break down when placed in liquid. If the tablet doesn’t break down fast enough, the body doesn’t absorb it and you miss out on the benefits you are hoping to obtain.

You may wonder if it matters when you get too little or too much of a nutrient. Well, low levels of certain nutrients can be a problem; what is more worrisome are the doses that EXCEED the recommended daily intake. Several of the products looked at by Consumer Labs had this issue including some designed for children. As a coach, will you ask your client their awareness of this information?

For example, some of the vitamins contained high levels of Vitamin A, which is very concerning. “Too much Vitamin A can be toxic to your liver,” explained Dr. Michael Ciringliano, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine and the Universtiy of Pennsylvania. “People don’t realize that everything they put in their mouths is bioactive. Whether it is baby aspirin or food, it has an effect on the body. People think if you can get it without a prescripiton its safe – that’s baloney.” Do you research this type of information? Does your coaching client? What happens if you don’t?

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