Coaching Excellence 5 of 10

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coaching client preferencesOne discussion among coaches and clients is whether the coach should have the same personality style and learning preferences as the client. The pros include being on the same wavelength and being comfortable. A pro of being different is the different perspective. Excellent coaches have the ability to be on the same wavelength and create a comfortable space for all different types of people.

In quality coach training programs, tools are provided to recognize different styles and preferences, and to flex to each. An excellent coach develops the ability to identify their client’s style and preferences, and then adjust so that the coaching relationship is effective.

During coaching sessions, the awareness of differences creates an opportunity for the coach to hear nuances in challenges a client is facing. An excellent coach asks effective questions so the client explores the barriers and possibilities for moving forward from multiple angles.

Sometimes the tool itself is provided to clients. For example, one client was struggling to get along with a new boss. The coaching tool for recognizing differences and adjusting provided perspective for the client. The client then identified the reasons behind the clash and created a plan of action to adjust and make it work. The client was very happy with the outcome.

An excellent coach develops rapport with the client and opens thinking by developing the skill of identifying and adjusting to client style and preferences.

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