Coaching Core Competencies – 5 of 12

In the category of Co-Creating the relationship (second of four in the Core Competencies,) the International Coaches Federation (ICF) includes Coaching Presence. It seems presence has become a point of awareness for many because of how busy life is generally and how easily distractions take over. In coaching, it is paramount that the coach focuses on the client completely during coaching sessions.

When training as a coach, professionals discuss keeping oneself out of the way so that the coaching process is truly about the client. A coach goes deeper with their ability to understand the client and recognize client preferences to flex to the client intuitively. The professional coach is open to possibilities and different approaches and adjusts in the moment.

In developing the Core Competency of Presence, coaches develop confidence in their own ability to work with emotions, their own and the client’s, in a way that empowers the client to experience them self and consider new perspectives and possibilities.

A professional coach recognizes the opportunity in new approaches and in risk, and through coaching presence creates a space that opens thinking and effectively empowers the client with both appropriate humor and support.

Coaching sessions become an opportunity for the client to reach their own highest level because the coach is truly present to the client and supportive.

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