Coaching Business Sustainability – for the Long-term

After you have successfully included sustainability considerations for your coaching business in the start-up and growth phases of the business, plan for the long-term.

In the previous posts, considerations included sustainability of your infrastructure, connections, and word of mouth. Combine these with long-term planning. Consistency of effort provides for consistency in your coaching business.

* Maintain a consistent local presence with published articles, speaking, volunteering, and networking.
* Consistently seek referrals through reminders in a newsletter or at other appropriate times.
* Consistently develop your skills through continuing education for quality of service and your own motivation.

Long-term growth and expansion in today’s business world includes an internet presence. As a coach, make it easy for potential clients to find you and to ‘check you out.’

* ‘Getting found’ online includes a presence on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Set-up your pages, make connections, and give people a reason to stay connected.
* Websites that provide a way for potential clients to connect, engage, and learn give people a reason to come back. Provide links to your social media sites, invite subscriptions to a newsletter, and write blog posts.
* A great website is the first step – the second is to optimize it for search engines so that you are easy to find. Create a system for ensuring your meta description, key words, and content keep you high in the rankings.

Sustainability of your coaching practice is directly tied to the consistency and sustainability of your efforts. What tools are available to you? Visit the resource page now.

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