Coaching Business Sustainability – During Start-up

Whether you are just getting started as a coach or have been working in the field for a while, business sustainability ensures long-term success. Many coaches struggle to get started, then struggle to stay in business and grow, and eventually struggle to ensure the sustainability of a coaching practice; take time now to identify how to create sustainability within each stage of business growth.

In the start-up stage, consider the sustainability of your infrastructure as a coach. If you are past the start-up stage, reflect on how your infrastructure is working and whether it supports your long-term goals for a coaching practice.

* Organize your business legally within your state and arrange for the appropriate professional services.
* Ensure that you have a working space that meets your needs for record keeping including protecting confidentiality, and is both comfortable and private for coaching sessions.
* A good computer, reliable internet service, clear hands-free phone connection, and effective software are essential to your professionalism and quality of service.

When you are ready for coaching clients, build long-term connections. If you already have coaching clients, reflect on how you connected with your clients and how to maintain the connections.

* Develop your skills further after your training by volunteering coaching services at a nonprofit or offering a discounted rate in exchange for recommendations. After you have a client base, continue volunteering to give back in your community.
* Establish and maintain your expertise locally by speaking, writing, and publishing.
* Create and use a process for staying in touch with your connections through social media, newsletters, and networking.

In the next blog post, watch for what to consider during the coaching business growth phase.

What have you learned about business start-up that you wish you had known earlier?

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