Coaching a Client: Barriers, Actions Plans, and Successes – Part 3 of 3

After the coach and their client moved past barriers to the coaching process, they created an action plan (see previous blog posts.) As they moved forward with their coaching relationship and further action planning, the client discovered more possibilities.

Initially, the focus in the coaching process was for the client to create separation between work and home so that when they were at work, they were productive. The client chose a plan that was simple and worked for their situation.

As the client experienced small success, the coach celebrated with them. The client began to trust their coach more, and felt comfortable talking about their personal challenges. The coach asked what outcome the client wanted, and invited the client to brainstorm possibilities. The client developed a plan of action steps they could take and moved forward. As a result, the client achieved a new sense of balance at home.

Building on the successes at work and home, the coach and the client moved to exploring possibilities for furthering the client’s career. The client reviewed their strengths and weaknesses; the client created a plan to build on their strengths and to develop new skills in their areas of weakness.

Achieving a new level of focus and productivity plus expanding skills created opportunities for the client to advance in their career.

Coaching successes are typical because the process empowers the client to explore their own circumstances with a supportive, strategic partner. The client is empowered to consider options, talk through the possibilities, and choose their course of action. The coach serves as an accountability partner and a focus partner.

What successes are you aware of from coaching?

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