Coaches Listen with Intention – 1 of 3

Coaching a client effectively means a complete focus on the client. This requires the coach to listen with intention. How exactly does a coach listen with intention?

Consider conversations with friends. Friends share stories and experiences, empathize with one another, analyze problems and people. In those conversations, friends relate to what friends say, their stories remind each other of other stories to share, plans call for input and opinion with different recommendations and advice-giving, problems call for suggested solutions.

In comparison, listening intentionally means:

* A coach listens to what a client says with a focus on understanding their thought process, wants and needs, communication preferences, and approach to processing.
* A coach hears the stories as they relate to the client’s thinking about options and opportunities.
* A coach hears the client’s plans and asks questions to empower open thinking and broader perspective.
* A coach hears the client’s problems and asks the client to generate solutions.
* A coach listens intentionally becaus

How does empowering someone to think and then asking them to generate their own solution enhance success?

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