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Book Review: Textbook – Health and Wellness by Gordan Edlin and Eric Golanty

This textbook addresses primarily the health side of issues and focuses on students.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

Achieving Wellness

  1. Achieving Personal Health
  2. Mind-Body Communications Maintain Wellness
  3. Managing Stress: Restoring Mind-Body Harmony
  4. Mental Health

Eating and Exercising Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Choosing a Nutritious Diet
  2. Managing a Healthy Weight
  3. Movement and Physical Activity for Health

Building Healthy Relationships

  1. Healthy Sexuality and Intimate Relationships
  2. Understanding Pregnancy and Parenthood
  3. Choosing a Fertility Control Method
  4. Protecting Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Aids

Understanding and Preventing Disease

  1. Book Review: Textbook - Health and Wellness by Gordan Edlin and Eric GolantyReducing Infections and Building Immunity: Knowledge Encourages Prevention
  2. Cancer: Understanding Risks and Means of Prevention
  3. Cardiovascular Diseases: Understanding Risks and Measures of Prevention
  4. Heredity and Disease

Explaining Drug Use and Abuse

  1. Using Drugs Responsibly
  2. Eliminating Tobacco Use
  3. Using Alcohol Responsibly

Making Healthy Choices

  1. Making Decisions About Health Care
  2. Exploring Alternative Medicines
  3. Accidents and Injuries

Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Understanding Aging and Dying
  2. Violence in Our Society
  3. Working Toward a Healthy Environment

The Good: Great foundational information with ideas and application for individuals starting at a very basic level.

The Bad: Misses some of the big-picture areas and as a textbook is targeted at a young audience only.

Conclusion: A worthwhile read for the foundational learning and ideas for action planning.


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