3 P’s and 11 Q’s of Public Speaking for Coaches in 2 of 2 posts

Expanding your public speaking skills began with preparation and practice in theCoaching and Training first of this two-post set. Now consider specific techniques during the presentation and thoughts for after you successfully demonstrate your expertise and experience so that people want you as their coach.

3. Presentation

* Quick attention grabber

If your opening is ‘welcome’, do you think your audience feels they have heard it before? Start with a joke, a story, a statistic, or something unique.

* Quality information

When the audience leaves with specific action steps, understanding, or ideas, they feel attending was worth their time. What information are you providing that truly impacts their lives? Are they leaving wanting more?

* Question the audience

Asking questions, throughout the presentation, whether rhetorical or answered, increases thinking.

* Quirky – tap emotions and use humor – politically correct

Do you remember watching the Charlie Brown show and hearing his teacher? Use your voice – change tone and volume. Use humor and emotion. Have fun!

* Quotes – motivate

Sharing quotes and stories adds value to the information by bringing it to life. The general rule of thumb is to use one-third stories of your own, one-third from the audience, and one-third from others (famous or known people).

4. Process

* Questionnaire or evaluation

After a presentation, you will evaluate yourself, get feedback from people you know, or see evaluations from participants. A few thoughts: Look at the over-all rating rather than focusing on one negative comment. Use evaluations to improve for next time.

Each time you give a presentation, you gain skill. Mistakes actually create great stories for the future, and gain audience empathy. Keep in mind that ultimately your audiences do want you to succeed – after all, they are there for the motivation and learning experience.

Public Speaking is an excellent tool for marketing yourself as a coach. The audience has the opportunity to get to know you, and you have the possibility of multiple connections.

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