2011: A Year for Coaches, Part 2

Owning and running a business has gotten easier over the years, and 2011 is your opportunity to own a part or full time coaching business.

You may be familiar with the beginning steps:
* Decide on your business name. (Check to see if it is available in your state and for a website. Once you have chosen a name, consider buying the domain name online before someone else does!))
* Visit your Secretary of State’s website to review types of business ownership and choose what makes sense for you, then complete the necessary paperwork. (In most states this is easily done online.)
* Obtain your EIN (Employer Identification Number – the equivalent of a social security number for a business) from the IRS (online, on the phone, or through the mail.)

* Choose a bank and set-up your business account – separate from any personal accounts! Arrange through your bank or another provider to accept credit cards.
* Talk to insurance agents about business, liability, and professional insurance and choose what makes sense for your coaching business.

Once you have taken care of the business requirements, consider the logistics of your office for coaching. The good news is that working from home is easier than ever with the internet and telephone technologies available. Considerations include the security of your internet connection, software programs, and telephone plans. Organize your working space away from the daily activity of your household for privacy and to create a work environment.

Now that you have your infrastructure in place, your next focus is promoting your coaching services – the blog on Friday gives an overview and information on a free webinar for results based marketing!

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