When Clients Reschedule Coaching

When your coaching client wants to reschedule, how you handle it is about both being a smart business person for yourself, and balancing customer service.

Start with a clear understanding of your policy. In a written coaching agreement, note your policy for rescheduling or cancelations. Most coaches use 24, 48, or even 72 hour notice. If a client is late for their appointment, it is their time, so the session is shorter and you finish on time. Some coaches say that if a client is more than 15-20 minutes late, the appointment is considered complete.

When something comes up that is legitimate, if it is the first time or rare occurrence, you have the choice of saying to your coaching client that because it is the first time or at least unusual, and a legitimate excuse, you will make an exception.

If the reason seems to be based on convenience or poor planning, when the client gives adequate notice then reschedule to your convenience too. Let them know you only do this occasionally so it s not a habit. If the notice is short, and not a legitimate excuse, consider an email coaching session where they email you progress, goals, next steps and you reply with encouragement, “homework,” or even a few questions they respond to via email.

When the expectations are clear and fair to both the client and the coach, mutual respect is enhanced and the coaching relationship continues effectively.

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