Coaching on Nutrition – Part 3 of 3

by Guest Blogger Annemarie

Coaches work with the whole person because health affects attitude and energy on the job and in relationships. When it comes to selecting what supplement or nutriceutical to consume, having information means you can make a good decision.
Start simple: Mother Nature has the best sources of most of the nutrients we need each and every day. Fruits, vegetables, and grains have huge healing capabilities, and it is recommended we consume 9-13 servings of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. So why is so hard for the majority of the population to do that? Do your coaching clients struggle with knowing what works when, the volume required, and access to variety?

Consider this: people sometimes don’t like kale; it is a great cancer fighting veggie. Beets can “BEET” away the blues. Pineapple combats menopause. The best way for you to get the proper nutrition is through the foods we eat from Mother Nature! It has been said “we are NOT a vitamin deficient society but rather a whole food deficient society.” How do you keep this simple for your coaching client?

Let me be a resource – I would love to talk to you about a way to bridge the gap between what you or your client eats now and what is ideal for your health. Additionally, I am happy to support you as a resource for your coaching clients. Annemarie McDermott, Health & Wellness Educator,, 303.594.7466

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