Coaching Business Sustainability – During Business Growth

As you begin establishing your coaching client base, consider what steps now ensure your sustainable growth in the coaching industry.

Connecting with new coaching clients occurs primarily through referrals and recommendations – word of mouth. In the last blog post was a tip to stay in touch with your network; this serves the creation of a sustainable source of referrals. Consider how you provide value to your network, and keep doing it!

* Continue speaking, writing, and publishing.
* Be available to your network – become the ‘go to’ person for expertise or help.
* Thank people for referrals and recommendations so they know you appreciate it.

Existing coaching clients tell others about their experience with you as a coach. As a coach, let your client know you do appreciate referrals. Consider what motivates a coaching client to recommend your services.

* Provide value – the quality of the coaching and the value of outcomes for your coaching client motivates them to make referrals.
* Ask for referrals – if you do not let people know you want the referrals, they might not even think about it!
* Thank your client for making a referral so they know their effort was worthwhile and appreciated.

How do you benefit from considering long-term sustainability during the growth phase of your coaching business?

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