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Influential Presence Assessment

Understanding Your Client’s Core Influence Characteristics

Influential Presence is the ability to move a person's thinking, actions and/or decisions in a way that forwards your business objectives.

This assessment is designed to help your clients understand their current ability to influence others in the workplace and, in the process, enhance their professional reputation, current job performance, and future career advancement.

The assessment contains 53 attributes divided into five categories:

Internal Personal Attributes: Who you are as a person
External Personal Attributes: Your actions as observed by others
Professional Stature: Your credentials, achievements, knowledge and experience
Interpersonal Skills: Your ability to communicate with others
Business Skills: Your ability at activities, such as negotiation and team building

The documents list below can be downloaded and contain instruction and insight on how to maximize the Influence and Influential Presence 360 Questionnaire for you and your clients.

Coach User Guide
A complete user guide on how to use the Influential Presence Assessment Dashboard

New Client Setup Process
A step-by-step process to purchase an assessment license, enter your client’s information, send them a letter with their login info and generate their reports.

Coaching Perspective
Document describing the assessment from a coach’s perspective

Coaching Process
Describes how you can add this assessment into your existing coaching process or use our INFLUENTIAL process.

Upon completion of the assessment questions, the following reports are created for you to present to your client. Examples of these reports (containing example data) can be downloaded for your review.

Running Your Complementary Assessment

Self-Assessment Results and Recommendations
This report is a customized 20+ page eBook containing the client’s influence characteristics, analysis, and action plan.

Attribute Definitions and Importance
This is a static report that does not change from client to client. It contains definitions of all 53 attributes.

Our Research
This is a static report that does not change from client to client. It contains information describing our influence research.

Your 360 Results
This report can always be displayed, but only contains data for the clients for whom you have purchased the “Self and Influential Presence 360 Questionnaire” and data was entered by those participating in the client’s 360 review.

Instructional Suggestions
This report is for you, the coaching suggestions are individualized for each client. Its goal is to provide you with ideas, insights and resources to help you coach your client based on the combination of our research and the values they entered within the assessment.

Entered Values
This report is for your reference. It contains all of the assessment values entered by your client.