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Listing these resources for professional coaches is a service to enhance executive coach development, supplement life coach training, add value to the certification program, and supplement leadership development. - The resource for coaching results. - Guide from the Side® Game - Work with clients on identifying their Values plus their priorities for Relationships, Time, and Money. - Dr. Bandler, a founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, offers his programs and techniques. - An academic overview of the self discovery process known as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how this way of thinking expands possibilities for a more enriched life. - Cross cultural coaching creates new options for international businesses and clients of diverse backgrounds. Executive coaching is an effective means to counteract workplace stress and low productivity by creating an environment of efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and allowing for personal and team development. HR Managers are creating success in business related and interpersonal relationships by engaging in coaching practices. Gains in corporate results is considered "forward thinking" and is associated with executive coaching as a means for company leaders to try out new ideas, become more inspired, gain clarity, improve their skills and strengths boosting the revenues of their company. The current market place seeks females as executive coaches to assist corporations in achieving goals. The Center for Coaching Certification blog Guide with business ideas for college students, scholarships for entrepreneurs, tools, and apps to help build a business.