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Motivated to ensure quality, professional, and support for participants both during and after coach training, the Center for Coaching Certification offered the first training program in January of 2010.  The success of the Certified Professional Coach class and changes in ICF requirements led to adding the Certified Master Coach program within a few years.  Continued growth of coaching as a profession along with ICF credentialing requirements resulted in the addition of five Certified Coach Specialist classes in Business, Career, Executive, Life, and Wellness plus a 30 hour class that is all about additional classroom time for practicing coaching, the Coaching Practicum.

The Center for Coaching Certification team believes in high quality content, excellent service, and ongoing support.

The training programs offered by the Center for Coaching Certification are designed specifically to develop the ICF's Core Competencies of a professional coach as defined by the International Coaching Federation.  Becoming a professional coach starts with training.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) requires 60 hours of training to become a member.  In addition to membership, the ICF offers credentialing - think about it this way: becoming a member of the ICF is much like getting a degree, and then earning a credential is much like getting a masters or doctorate level degree.

For other professionals coach training often supports existing careers:

  • The Society for Human Resource Management lists coaching as a sub-competency.
  • The Association for Talent Development lists coaching as a core competency.
  • Mental Health Professionals, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Project Managers, Consultants, and leaders in general often take coach training to further enhance their skills with a coaching approach.

At the Center for Coaching Certification three different levels of training programs (Professional, Master, Specialist) are offered to give you options with your time and budget, and also the level of training based on your plans for coaching.

The first training program is the ICF-approved Certified Professional Coach - a 30 hour program that serves to initiate people into the coaching competencies and develop coaching skills, plus provide a process.

The second level is the ICF-approved Certified Master Coach program totaling 35 hours (the Certified Professional Coach program is a prerequisite). The Certified Master Coach combined with the Certified Professional Coach completes the 60 hours required for membership in the ICF, and also the hours required for the first level of credentialing. The Certified Master Coach program is a deeper dive into the competencies and takes your coaching expertise to a more advanced level.

For those interested in additional training for more specific specialization and for advanced credentialing with the ICF, the Certified Coach Specialist programs provide the training focused specifically on the coaching areas.  The prerequisite is 60 hours of coach training or membership in the ICF.

Certified Professional Coach

The ICF-approved Certified Professional Coach program is offered in either online with a face-to-face program or completely online. The core content is based on the ICF's Core Competencies of a coach.

Process to enroll in the Certified Professional Coach program:
Certified Master Coach

The ICF-approved Certified Master Coach program is designed to further develop the ICF's Core Competencies of a coach and prepare you for the Coach Knowledge Assessment required for credentialing with the ICF.  The complete program is online.

Process to enroll in the Certified Master Coach program:
Process to become a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF):
  • Review the Membership Requirements at Specifically, you must either hold an ICF Credential, have completed 60 hours of training, or be enrolled in 60 hours of training (the Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master Coach programs combined provide the 60 hours of training required).
  • Complete the application at
  • Submit the membership fee to the ICF as required by the ICF.
Process to Earn the ACC, PCC, or MCC Credential with the ICF

Earning a credential with the ICF requires five steps:

1. Complete the required training hours.

2. Following the start of your coach training complete the required coaching hours including the appropriate number of paid hours and number of clients.

3. Complete the required Mentor Coaching hours.

4. Submit your application to the ICF including your list of coaching clients.

5. Take the Coach Knowledge Assessment with the ICF.

The ICF explains the process for earning a credential at ICF Credential

For additional details on each credential click here: ACC, PCC, MCC


Mentor Coaching

The ICF requires 10 hours of Mentor Coaching following very specific parameters.  For those pursuing the ACC credential the Center for Coaching Certification offers an ACC Mentor Coaching package - click here for details.


Certified Coach Specialist

The Certified Coach Specialist programs are advanced training for coaches based on your area of interest. Serving to further advance skills and expertise, the purpose of these programs is to offer the additional training required for PCC or ACC credentialing and also as continuing education for members of the ICF.  The application for approval has been submitted to the ICF and they do make approvals retroactive when granted.  The core content is the same with the examples and discussion designed to focus on the specific area of coaching.  Options include:

Certified Business Coach Specialist - for those interested in working with small to mid-sized businesses
Certified Career Coach Specialist - for a focus on career coaching
Certified Executive Coach Specialist - primarily geared toward working with clients in the corporate world
Certified Wellness Coach Specialist - working in various areas of wellness, this class focuses on personal wellness
Certified Life Coach Specialist - for coaching individuals on their personal life

Process to enroll in the Certified Coach Specialist program:

Satisfactorily complete the Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master Coach program

Be a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Complete the application at
Submit the registration fee of $1995 at
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To learn more, watch the videos on Coaching Certification and on ICF Membership and Credentialing on our YouTube channel.


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Click here to go directly to the video on ICF Membership and Credentialing.


Offering quality coach training on the ICF's Core Competencies of a Coach, the Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) is the only ICF-approved program accredited by IACET to offer CEUs. CCC provides professional support with a robust suite of tools, post-graduate opportunities and support, and free continuing education.


ICF-approved coaching certification with CEU credits, resources, post-graduate opportunities, and free continuing education.



 The Center for Coaching Certification is committed to your success.