Listening – an Under-utilized Skill

Listening – an Under-utilized Skill

Most of us want to believe that we listen well.  Most people seem to think others do not listen well.  Research tells us we hear one in seven words.  This means that as much as we want to believe we listen, chances are that our listening is minimal at best. Listening – an Under-utilized Skill

When we are with someone who really listens, we respect and value that person, and want to be engaged with them.

How realistic is it to learn to listen?  The answer to that is based on your motivation and willingness to learn and practice.

One of the more obvious and practical ways to learn listening skills is during coach training.  Listening is a core skill for coaches.  During coaching certification, coaches learn to listen deeply to understand the client within their context, listen on multiple levels, listen for what is not said as well as what is said, and to listen cumulatively.

Through really listening as a coach, questions or observations arise that lead to client breakthroughs, awareness, and new strategies.

Professionals in many fields learn coaching and listening skills to upgrade their services.  The result?  Listening and coaching skills support success.

Listening is a gift and in coaching is essential for results.  Coach training includes listening techniques and practice. Interestingly, it is the students in the coach training that invest in listening that gain the most insight and develop the greatest skill as coaches.

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