Coaching for New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2: Internal Motivation

In the first blog this week, the focus was on effective goal setting. Now add depth to effective goals by exploring the reason behind the goal.

Because many people tend to focus on external reasons to achieve, they develop short-term motivation based on expectations of others. As a coach, you empower your client by exploring their internal reasons for a goal, creating long-term motivation and increasing follow-through.

For example, if a coaching client chooses to quit smoking because others are pestering them, they are less likely to experience success because the focus is on what others want instead of what they want. As their coach, ask them what it means to them to be smoke-free.

Coach your clients to explore their internal motivation for goals and to describe how they personally benefit. Examples of questions to ask clients include:

* What does it mean to you to achieve this goal?
* How will you feel when you achieve the results you want?
* What are the benefits to you?
* When you achieve this goal, how does it help you with your other goals?

Simply put, internal motivation is more powerful than external motivation. When your coaching clients explore their internal motivations and define these motivators for them self, they feel differently about their goals. Your client will experience the positive impact of internal motivation because they will achieve more.

What coaching success story can you share?

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